Have you ever been biking in the hills and then suddenly everything started to go wrong, the chain fell of, the pedals got stuck and you had a perspective of a 5 hour walk back? But then, you realized you have your old faithful Swiss army knife that has never let you down?

We are a little bit like that knife. Our primary activity is voice over, but we do offer a host of supplementary services that allow us to have the right answer for all your needs (by the way, that’s a true story).

Voice over & post production services

Do you need to record a voice talent, synchronize you recording to picture, or maybe you don’t have the script in the target language yet? All you need to do is contact us and we will help you pick the tools you need to turn your project into an all-round success story. We have the technology and expertise to help you out at any stage.

Casting / Voice selection

Our project managers carefully handpick the voice talents to suit your project both in terms of tone as well as budget.


Once the voice talent is approved, we proceed with the recording phase in one of our partner studios located in Europe, Asia or America.


Our sound engineers make sure that the recording is free from any unwanted sounds such as breaths or background noises that would compromise the quality of the end-product.


Those working with video files and presentations know that timing is everything. With this option, every word and sentence will be pronounced at the exact time necessary, or if this is physically impossible, our copywriters can help amend the script

File splitting

Your recording can be delivered in separate files which we will name accordingly.


The final touch which will guarantee that all key parameters such as volume, format and frequency are adjusted to the project and broadcast requirements.

Translation & localization

Localization is a term used to refer to the process of adapting a script from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context but changing the cultural references from the source language to the target language

Here at RPM we offer reasonably priced one stop shop services. We provide top quality Eastern European voiceover but also can help you adapt your text into multiple languages, so that the products you're advertising, services you want to provide and business you'd like to export abroad are linguistically accurate and culturally relevant. For now the offer concerns: Polish, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak and Chinese.

Translation is easy, but creating improved content requires a bit of magic. Let us be your wizard.